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The Kilimanjaro Film Institute (KFI) is an organization that works to empower and educate youth from challenging backgrounds from Arusha and surrounding communities in the audio-visual production and related fields.

We partner with local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who work with youth in selecting our students. 


Our vision is to have the students create and develop their own way of making films thereby giving them an opportunity to express themselves as well as starting a career in the film industry.

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TAZAMENI TANZANIA TV program, is a series of factual stories, it is a 30 minutes program which is interesting for the whole family to watch together.

We work around documenting untold stories about life, work, sports, sceneries, business, people, arts and culture of Tanzanian's.



Kilimanjaro Film Institute is building a self-reliant market for documentary making and cultural storytelling in Tanzania under the project name ‘Moving Tanzania’. ‘Moving Tanzania’ host a Hub of knowledge and training for professional makers of documentaries and cultural story tellers: film makers, video directors, camera operators, editors, script writers, video journalists, etc.


We also produce films of all types to sustain our program. This assignment provides a platform for learning while the fees charged are ploughed back to support the training of many aspiring young filmmakers that came from marginalizedcommunities.

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